Based on the latest news, we are all hoping to get back to our normal routines in the near future. That will mean going out again, wearing heels, dating and going on holiday. It is understandable that during these difficult times some of us have put on several unwanted extra kilograms and haven’t been motivated to exercise. But, come on guys, now it might be the right time to get back on track with your diet routine, while slowly increasing your physical activity as you still have enough time to get party-ready before a Christmas dinner and a New Year’s Eve party. All you need is to get inspired and to kick back in your healthy routine.

This journey can take some time but we are here to offer you some tips for a quick and healthy way of loosing some extra weight without torturing your tired body and instead gently taking care of yourself.

So how about trying a few weeks of a sugar free diet?  Yes, for some of us reducing sugar intake sounds like a disaster as our favourite sugary snacks and little ‘stress-relieving’ candies have helped us to get through this depressing year. However, the truth is that sugar misbalances our mind and body. It creates short-term happiness and misleads us into believing that we are physically more energetic and mentally stable. Actually, the consumption of sugar leads to weight gain, an increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cavities, fatigue and problems with skin such as acne. So, aim to amend your routine gently and slowly.

To begin with, instead of sugary snacks try healthy snacks or desserts such as a sugar free yogurt with blueberries or a green detox juice made of mango, spinach, kale and ginger. If you feel lacking in energy or dizzy have a banana or a Medjool date.

Control your magnesium intake as it manages blood sugar regulation. Foods such as peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach or dark chocolate are high in magnesium. So, just simply sprinkle your breakfast with a spoonful of milled nuts or seeds or add a spoonful of nut butter.

Add protein to each of your meals. Protein regulates appetite and prevents you from snacking unnecessarily. You can opt for animal or plant-based proteins.

Drink enough water to protect your body from dehydration and headaches as a possible side effect of considerable sugar reduction.

Detox your body to eliminate toxins and to promote weight loss. Try our Body Detox, which will help to boost your immune system as it includes Aloe Vera, Liquorice Root and Chlorella. Moreover, it consists antioxidant ingredients including Alfalfa, Ginger Root and Nettle Leaf. 

Finally, it is worth remembering that a good nights sleep and stress avoidance can help us to prevent pointless cravings and to encourage us to follow our healthy regime.