We have all been going through difficult times for over 6 months now. We have been fighting our fears, coping with our frustration about the future and tackling our negative thoughts. Moreover, we are back working from homes and having only virtual contact with our family members and friends. It’s going to be a challenging month, although by taking care of our mental and physical health,we can get through it much more smoothly and healthily. 

We would like to share with you 5 tips, which will help you to become more resilient when working from home and keep you motivated. 

  1. Start your day with a routine to place yourself in the right frame of mind. Get up and do a set of stretching exercises, breath deeply for a minute and focus on the positive things which are happening around you.

  2. Have a ‘motivational’ breakfast. There are certain foods, which boost your brain and improve your memory. They are also high in antioxidants and help you to maintain concentration during the day. So, have a bowl full of healthy grains such as bulgur, oats, and millet, sprinkled with nuts, seeds and berries. Alternatively, opt for an avo toast with salmon or scrambled eggs with broccoli and kale. And don’t forget to treat your brain with a square of dark chocolate!

  3. So, now you are at your desk, are you still finding it difficult to focus on your list of things to do? Right, you need a goal, which will move you towards the end of a day! Plan your tasks differently from your usual to do list. Start your day with the most difficult and unwanted tasks while you have your morning energy and fresh mind. Then after lunch you’ll be only left with the nice and easy tasks.

  4. You can also keep yourself enthusiastic by putting meaning into what you are doing. For example, you have a pile of customer requests to process and you have been doing it for the last 3 years and currently, especially when you are locked at home without your colleagues’ support, you are fed up with doing that job. So now, try to think how it could benefit you- your skills, development or perception. In other words, start considering your work from a different angle. Think what positive impact you will achieve by accomplishing this job.

  5. Set positive motivations. In other words, to get motivated your brain wants to know what it will get in return for completing something you are not interested in doing. Here, we can cheat a bit. You could perplex your brain with something simple by saying that if I finish a report today then I will have a nice bath filled with magnesium salt and surrounded by candles. Or you could go for a money related treat  and promise yourself a beautiful Christmas dress or a new Iphone after finishing your current project or annoying presentation.

At the end of the day, if you need some rest and you are not as prolific as you used to be, don’t’ punish yourself. Learn to be careful with your body and mind and occasionally allow yourself to be weak and slow.