Organic food can seem expensive, and whilst sometime it may be tempting to go for the cheaper alternative, where possible we do recommend you to try and go organic as often as you can. In particular on certain foodstuffs. Here is why.

In basic temers, organic means pesticide-free, additive-free, chemical free and natural. Foods that have hormones and antibiotics added to them can harm the environment and the human body. As far as possible, we reckoned you go organic on the following food stuffs:

Beef, poultry, pork, seafood, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit.

It can seem tough, but if you can bear it the nutritional benefits are considerable. Keep clean folks!

Nutritional Information

Prep Time :10 minutes
Cooking Time :30 minutes
Difficulty :Simple
Serves :2
Calories :314 per serving
Nutrition :Protein+, Vegetarian, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Tip: Prep some extra mince balls and have them with some grilled vegetables the day after.


200g organic turkey mince
1 tbsp. of semolina
1/2 carrot
1 medium yellow tomato
50g butternut squash
30g quinoa
Fresh dill
A pinch of dried basil
A pinch of salt
2 bay leaves


  1. Mix the mince with semolina, salt and basil. Form 6 balls from the mass.
  2. In order to make the soup less fat, cook the minced turkey balls for 5min and change the water.
  3. With new water cook the balls for another 10min and add salt and if you like black pepper.
  4. Add quinoa and vegetables for another 10-15min.
  5. 5min before the soup is ready, add the bay leaves and some fresh dill to the soup.