Matcha has made it in the top list of superfoods and is mentioned in the same breath as the likes of chia seeds, coconut water or acai berries. Believe it or not Matcha is actually just green tea powder. The difference is that the growing and processing process is slightly different. This leads to a different set of benefits from ordinary green tea (which we still highly recommend by the way!!).

The antioxidant power of Matcha is about 6 times higher than goji berries and about 26 times higher than the one from acai berries, which are both good sources of antioxidants. Go easy though - one cup of Matcha is as strong as 10 cups of normal green tea!

Let us know how you found our Superfood Smoothie with cherries, coconut milk and chia seeds!

Nutritional Information

Prep Time :5 minutes
Cooking Time :5 minutes
Difficulty :Simple
Serves :1
Calories :322 kcal per serving
Nutrition :Antioxidant, Dietary Fibre, Vegetarian, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

Tip: Add a scoop of our unflavoured or strawberry UltraTone Diet Protein to add even more healthy nutrients to it and swap the coconut milk for coconut water!


1 tsp. of matcha
1/2 green apple
20g spinach
150ml non-fat Greek yoghurt
100g peeled and cored cherries
50g raspberries
5g chia seeds for a topping


  1. Core the cherries but only peel them if your blender is not strong enough as the peel contains most of the nutrients.
  2. Place all ingredients in your blender and give it a proper mix.
  3. Top the smoothie with some chia seeds.