My name is Lorri and I'm a primary school teacher with a huge interest in healthy body and happy minds. I studied in PE and Sports Studies at university and then went on to do my teacher training. After finding a passion for Early Years and physical development I decided to do a Masters degree studying the impact of physical activity on small children.


During this time I thought it was about time I decided to change my unhealthy habits (such as lack of sleep and very bad food choices) and try to become more healthy. I've always been 'fit' as I've always loved sports but as adult life takes over and time seems to slip away, I wasn't doing as much as I wanted to.


Luckily my boyfriend is very healthy and enjoys using exercise and nutrition programs and tailors them to both of our needs. I saw a huge improvement in not only fitness goals but my moods and overall mental health seemed to benefit.


I then wanted to start looking at supplements to see if these could enhance my goals. I then found @bodyfit and started using the detox tablets. These seemed to help my bloating massively- especially throughout the month when some days I could pull off looking pregnant!


I'm looking forward to trying new products by them. If anyone wants any details on my exercise regime or anything else, my insta is and would be happy to answer any questions.





My top tips for keeping healthy are:


- Follow a gym program for at least 12 weeks (I can advise anyone who would like an example of different programs) as changes don't happen that quickly and you need to give them a chance to work 


- be realistic and let yourself have the odd treat. I am a chocolate lover so I allow myself a small chocolate most days (a freddo or chocolate biscuit). This stops the urge to binge eat and allows me to eat really well throughout the day knowing I'm still going to have a little treat too. 


- write everything you need to do down on a list. This way you can go to sleep knowing you've got it all out of your head and down on paper. There's nothing better than a good nights sleep filled with peace and dreams instead of worries and thinking about what you need to do. 


- try to look for the positive in life. I've changed my mindset and try to look for positives in every day life. For example if a work colleague is annoying you- don't be annoyed, instead be grateful you're doing your job properly etc...