Since the beginning of senior school (13 years ago) I was unhappy with my body appearance. I was the ‘skinny’ one who looked very unhealthy and did not have any confidence. This was because I did not have the natural ability to gain or maintain a healthy weight due to my body type; I honestly hated it. 

As soon as I had the ability to control my own diet and get myself a gym membership everything changed for me. (If you wish to view my weight gain journey visit my Instagram: @kirstyzammit)

I began to eat more, trying out numerous diets and types of training where the majority failed me. It wasn’t until I began researching what my body needs in order to gain muscle (as I was unable to gain body fat) and this was the game changer for me. 

My lack of knowledge meant my weight gain journey was delayed by years and when looking back I find it very frustrating. My biggest problem was that my diet intake was not supporting my body and giving it what was needed to keep me going and keep up with my weekly routine. I currently work full time, study part time and go to the gym at least four times a week which takes its toll on my energy levels and mood when my body doesn’t get hold of those all-important macronutrients (carbs, fats & protein).

By introducing the correct macronutrients into my diet, it’s allowed me to slowly build up my strength and gain muscle in the areas where I had little confidence previously. I knew that gaining weight was always something I wanted but I did not realise the amount of confidence it would also allow me to gain and this is a huge result of feeling good on the inside as well as being happier with my appearance.

Earlier in 2017 I came across Bodyfit in the hunt for a company which can provide me with the supplements I needed to maintain my balanced diet at an affordable price. I now swear by the products they have to offer and the results from introducing them into my weekly routine. My personal favourites are the. Diet Protein and Omega 369 capsules. My discount code is: KirstyZ10.

Since using Bodyfit’s products I now have the perfect balance I was looking for as I’m able to consume the right amount of energy, vitamins and muscle recovery needed for my demanding work, studying and gym life balance.

In my opinion when it comes to supplements, I feel they are a great way to get what your body needs without having to eat the same foods daily which you may not enjoy, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

I have a huge amount of confidence with the products provided by Bodyfit and that’s why I do not shop elsewhere when it comes to my diet supplements. Using them everyday allow me to get closer to my goal!

Much love, Kirsty x