Today we’d like to welcome Helen, a 35-year-old Leeds based blogger, to the Bodyfit family. She is interested in everything from fashion to food, music to travel and especially health and beauty. Helen has decided to give our Bodyfit Collagen+ a try and share her thoughts on the effectiveness of the product.


“As I am well in to my mid thirties now taking care of my skin is something I make more of an effort with. The first signs of ageing are starting to appear *sobs* and I want to stop those pesky fine lines before they get any deeper. As well as a good skin care regimen that takes care of my skin from the outside I am always looking for products that take care of it from within.”


“I have been using the Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets for a month now. I have the bottle next to my kettle so I remember to take them as soon as I get up and just before bed. The capsules are quite big but easy to swallow. They do have a strong B vitamin smell to them but they don’t taste of anything and don’t leave an after taste.

After one month I am starting to see the tablets working. My skin is clearer and feels more hydrated and plumper. My nails seem to be growing much faster too. I have recently had my hair cut quite dramatically so I can’t say if the tablets are affecting that just yet.

One of the most surprising effect of the tablets is the boost in energy they are giving me. The vitamins in the capsules must be just what my body needs right now.


I was already a fan of ingestible collagen products but I am really happy with the Bodyfit Collagen plus tablets.


There are 90 capsules in a bottle and it costs £14.99. I think the price is brilliant, especially in comparison to the collagen drinks, and I have already bought another bottle.

The Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets are definitely a permanent addition to my beauty routine now.”


If you would like to read more about Helen, her lifestyle and a full review, you can check out her inspiring blog  here: .