Remember Helen, our very own Bodyfit blogger from Leeds? After her cracking success with our Bodyfit Collagen+, we have asked her to share her thoughts on our Bodyfit Body Detox.


“After the excess of Christmas I’m always looking for new ways to detox. A few weeks ago I was telling you about the BodyFit Collagen Plus tablets which I love. So, I’m really happy to be sharing the BodyFit Body Detox tablets review today.”

“I have been using BodyFit Body Detox tablets for a few weeks now. The capsules are quite big but they are easy to swallow. When you open the bottle you can really smell the clove, fennel and garlic. The capsules don’t taste of anything though and they don’t leave an after taste or repeat on you.

After a few weeks of taking them I do feel much less bloated and sluggish. The tablets haven’t caused any stomach upsets or other symptoms. The extra water I’m drinking with them and the boost they are giving me in immunity means I’m also feeling just really healthy and well. Whilst I haven’t lost any weight I’m also still finishing off the Christmas chocolates and biscuits.

I am going to be ordering another bottle and I’m excited to see how they work along with healthier eating and an increase in exercise too."



"Each bottle of BodyFit Body Detox tablets is £14 and has 90 capsules, which lasts 30 days. £14 for the month seems really good value for money and definitely won’t break the post-Christmas bank account.

If you are looking for a natural, healthy detox and boost I definitely recommend the BodyFit Body Detox capsules.”


A full review of the product is available here