Şerife Üstüner, @serife__ustuner  

 1. How and when did you start your health journey?

It all started around 7 years ago when I found exercising helping me out a lot on coping with uni stress, socializing more and simply making me feel happier. However, I have been introduced to weight training couple years after which made me take training more seriously, set goals and make smarter meal choices together with strength training programmes for those set goals.

 2. Why have you decided to change your previous way of living and eating?

I have experienced severe anxiety problems during second year of uni which got me close to quitting and I decided to take a gap year. During that year of 2012, I have worked harder on my weak sides before I went back to uni. I have started exercising, socializing and building up my confidence which evolved me as a person. Eating healthier and training made me feel much better both physically and mentally. That whole year taught me a lot on taking care of myself and I came back to uni as a much different person. 

 3. What role does sport play in your life?

I have been involved with sport for such long time, I totally forgot how it feels not to be exercising. To be honest now it feels more like a survival need for, just as I need eating and sleeping :)

 4. What sport activities do you prefer and how often do you exercise?

 ​Although I have been involved with range of sports in past, now I am training mainly for powerlifting. I am doing weight training at least four times a week.

 5. Does you have a person who inspires you?

I have many inspirational people around me. University of Bath is a very sporty university that is full of talented athletes and training around these bunch of driven people keeps me overly motivated every single day.

 6. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I am a big fan of eggs. I always start the day with a large, filling plate of goodies: Scrambled eggs on sordough toast with tomatoes, cheese & olives on side with a cup of juice/coffee. 

 7. What would you advice others to eliminate from their diet to get healthier and fitter?

​Simplest advice would be reducing the size of meal portions which will automatically put one into calorie deficit and lose weight. So instead of strictly eliminating group of foods from our diet, we simply need to eat less then we burn. However, while doing that one should make sure to hit the required macronutrients and make smart choices such as high fibre foods to keep them full longer.

 8. What Bodyfit supplements do you take? 

Currently on Collagen+, but I am very excited to try the meal replacement options of Bodyfit and the first one on the list is; Ultratone Meal Replacement Shake

 9. How would you spend your perfect healthy day?

​Although training & eating goodies are the fundamentals, on a perfectly healthy day you will find me having loads of laugh with friends and going for new experiences. There are loads to discover in life. I strongly believe that we should set a nice balance and don't miss out on rest of life while becoming too obsessed about getting fitter and healthier.