Rebecca Kearns, @rebecca_kearns

       1.  How and when did you start your health journey?

 My health journey started about 3 years ago when I found the use of weights training, now it is apart of my daily routine as well as Zumba, dancing and body weight exercises and I also love skipping haha. 

       2.  Why have you decided to change your previous way of living and eating?

 As a nutritionist I want to always improve my diet so I can then recommend it to clientele and also to be the healthiest I can be. 

       3.  What role does sport play in your life?

 I have always been very sporty for a girl but my job is a dance instructor so it’s apart of my life 24/7. 

      4.  Do you have a person who inspires you?

 I follow a lady called Kaylee Ullom on instagram and she is strong and still feminine and I love her shape and style of training it is very similar to mine! One day! 

      5.  What do you usually eat for breakfast?

 I am a huge fan of porridge, even in the summer, I use whole grain porridge oats with almond milk and add tons of berries and some nut butter for that extra something, so filling and so good for you! Full of vitamins and energy for a great day. 

      6.  What would you advice others to eliminate from their diet to get healthier and fitter?

 I believe in nutrients and not numbers, making good choices and exercise is the way forward for all. I try and cut out as much processed foods as possible such as refined sugars. Always go for fruit, it may be sugar but it also is full of natural fibre and micronutrients that out body needs to be healthy and strong! 

      7.  What Bodyfit supplements do you take? 

 At the moment is take carb Ctrl and soon body detox so excited for this! 

     8.  How would you spend your perfect healthy day?

 My perfect day would be up early headphones on and walking my dog in the sunshine then training and seeing friends, I love being outside.