Louise Holly, @louiseholly

   1. How and when did you start your health journey?

I started going to the gym and taking fitness seriously about 4.5 years ago. I wanted to get into it for a long time before I actually did but I’m so glad that I did!

   2. Why have you decided to change your previous way of living and eating?

 I wasn’t leading as much of a healthy lifestyle as I’d have liked to during my teenage years. I decided I wanted to learn about fitness and proper nutrition to be the best, healthiest version of myself I can be.

   3. What role does sport play in your life?

 I tried a few things growing up, dancing and figure skating but I‘ve found my passion now training at the gym now and weightlifting.

   4. What sport activities do you prefer and how often do you exercise? 

I definitely prefer weightlifting over cardio. The muscle groups I enjoy training the most are legs and shoulders. I train each muscle group once a week, apart from legs which I train twice. I break it down into groups, so I’ll train chest and triceps together, back and biceps, shoulders and abs and then legs and glutes.

   5. Do you have a person who inspires you? 

I’m inspired by anyone who’s dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle. A specific person who inspires me is Tammy Hembrow, she has 2 kids and runs a successful business for herself but still finds time to train at the gym and eat clean and I really respect that, I think she’s a huge motivation for a lot of women out there.

   6. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

 Oats cooked with water or soaked overnight and a scoop of protein powder added in. I’ll sometimes add fruit too.

   7. What would you advice others to eliminate from their diet to get healthier and fitter?  

Aim to eat clean 90% of the time and leave some room for cheat meals without feeling guilty. Avoid over-processed food and foods that contain lots of sugar, the more natural the better.

   8. What Bodyfit supplements do you take?  

The collagen+ which I love! I’m seeing so many positive results in my skin and I’m excited to try the Body Detox tablets next.

   9. How would you spend your perfect healthy day?

 I’d start by going to the gym and training legs and glutes because I love leg day! After the gym I’d eat a big healthy breakfast with plenty of carbs and protein and then probably spend the day relaxing and walking the dogs.