Do you ever wonder how to stay positive and energised? To help, we have composed some simple rules to brighten your life; simply by following them you can eradicate any feeling of weakness, bad moods or negative thoughts.


Get enough sleep

Do you wake up grumpy, irritable and are prone to overreact in negative situations? This a normal reaction when your body hasn’t had enough rest. Interrupted or lack of sleep makes you tired and upset. To make sure you have a deep uninterrupted sleep simply make a cup of camomile tea, hot milk with cinnamon and honey or turmeric milk. All the ingredients above have relaxing soothing properties.  It’s better to have your bedtime drink 30 mins before you go to bed and leave time for meditation, which makes you relaxed, focused and less stressed.


Eat healthy and regularly

It’s important not only to eat healthily, but to also schedule your meals to prevent yourself from overeating, which then creates the knock-on effect of feeling irritable after putting on extra weight.  Also, if you leave it too long between eating, your body is not able to release enough sugar into your blood to produce energy. Have at least 3 meals per day and a couple of snacks. To boost your levels of the ‘happiness’ hormones – have a small bar of dark chocolate, banana or a handful of walnuts.


Stay active

Regular physical activities not only help you to stay fit, but also make you more awake and alert, which enhance your feeling of well-being. Also, exercise will help you sleep better. Try new activities such as dancing, badminton or stair climbing to keep you motivated.


Socialise and analyse your own thoughts and feelings

If you are worried or have negative thoughts, it’s important to stay aware and analyse where they have come from. Build a habit of writing down all your issues to stay aware of your current mental state, control your thoughts and practice positive affirmations to heal your mind and body. Also, the key of keeping your enthusiasm and motivation high is to communicate with positive and highly-motivated people.


Introduce the joys of nature to your life

Outdoor activities will also help you to lift your spirit. Take a walk in your local park, have a sit amongst the trees and enjoy the sounds of nature. It will reduce your stress, anxiety, and tiredness.