Never did I ever think that when I decided to turn my life around that I would become a fitness ambassador. So, that's just wow. Thanks bodyfit! My discount code is Caitlin10 if you fancy trying their products.


So, the reason why I started this journey? To put it bluntly I felt awful about myself. I'm still learning to love myself too, I do still have some bad days. But now it is more good than bad. Have you ever felt fine one second & the next you just want to cry. I have. It's an awful feeling. So I really don't see any better reason to make a huge change in my life. So for the past few months that is what I have been doing. 


Working out 

I have upped my game at the gym. I used to go once or twice a week. It's now more like 5 times. This has made me feel a lot better. I haven't made the most massive of changes but I can notice that my body fat has definitely gone down a lot. I do a lot more weights now & I absolutely love the cables. Get using them girls! You can literally do anything with these. When I was going before I was using a lot more lighter weights, this is where I have noticed the improvement most as I'm really managing to get the weight increased. I like to praise myself too when I get a new personal best with weights.



So I do still have some treats, but the most of it I have changed. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a McDonald's etc  Sooo, so proud of me. I'm really enjoying having stir fry! Found a really tasty sauce in tesco, coconut & lemongrass, it's a must for you to try if you enjoy stir fry eating plenty of greens too, I love broccoli & asparagus... I promise you I'm not weird & all fruit for breakfast I enjoy having granola with natural yoghurt, banana, raspberry, honey & chia seeds. I've even managed to get my mum to eat it now. I never used to drink enough either, but I feel like I have really made an improvement with this.



They aren't always necessary & not everyone likes using them but I love having them to help me build up my muscles. Whether it's a shake or a snack I feel so much better using themProtein plays a huge part with fitness so I would highly recommend implementing it into your lifestyle. I love banana shakes, or protein bars after a workout. I would also highly recommend taking a multivitamin. If you don't fancy supplements, not a problem, but vitamins are amazing.


Lastly your mindset is a very huge role in a lifestyle change. You have to want to do it, not just need to. It didn't take much to persuade my mind that this is what I wanted to do. I think my anxiety pushed it along a lot quicker. Tell yourself everyday that you can do it. It honestly doesn't matter at what speed you get there, it's entirely your choice. It doesn't matter if you start off on low weights, or you can't run fast etc. You are doing it, that's what counts. 


Caitlin xo  @_caitlincx