It’s deserted outside and there is little social communication between individuals. It feels like we live in a world from some kind of fiction film – a world which is surreal and alien. Nevertheless, the great news is that soon all this strangeness will be over and the normality will step back into our life.

This means that now is the perfect time to write a list of things which you plan to do after lockdown. It’s essential to make plans now as stepping back in normality won’t leave you much time before Christmas. In other words, you should plan all your social meetings, browse all the shops and choose all your Christmas gifts and outfits now and as there is an awful a lot to do!  If you ask me, I would tell you that I’ve already planned all my daily meals until New Year Eve in order to stay fit and to be able to wear the same size dress which I wore last year for Christmas dinner. I’ve also started to write a list of  the presents that I will only be able to buy in shops in person. In addition, I’ve put a day trip to the seaside in my diary to see charming winter North Sea.

What about you? To make it more motivational and encouraging we have decided to hold a competition. Let’s do it together! Email a list of things you are planning to do after the lockdown to and the author of the most interesting and exciting list will get 2 FREE  Fat Burners from us.