Although it’s been a tough few months and it is highly likely that a great many of us are currently overwhelmed with negative emotions and snowed under constantly thinking about what’s around the corner, but in fact, the sun still rises, birds sing, the winter flowers are beautiful and your children smile at you. Life hasn’t stopped and we can still observe the magnificent scenery, listen to breathtaking music, smell our morning coffee and cuddle our pet under a warm cozy blanket. And there are many more positives that can be found.

 Saving money and time

 Check your latest expenditure and you could be pleasantly surprised how much money you might have saved lately. There is no need to cover your travel expenses anymore or to buy a new office outfit every few weeks. Cooking your lunch at home not only saves you money, but also gives you the opportunity to plan your meals and calculate the calories. It might also turn you into a passionate chef.

 Spending more time with your family

 Now, you finally get a chance to spend more time with your partner and/ or your children. It means having more fun and more unforgettable moments together. It also means getting closer and being more understanding and empathetic to each other.

 Cozy pajamas party

 During these difficult times you friends can still be close to you. Now, instead of the occasional long-planned meetings with your ‘super busy’ but such long-awaited friends, all of you can connect in seconds via zoom and have a drink together, even without changing your pajamas and leaving the bed.

 Finding beauty which you have never seen before

 Although many of us find nature fascinating and inspirational, in our ordinary life we cannot ‘afford’ long meditative strolls in parks or journeys to the countryside on a daily basis. Today it is all feasible as we have an incredible opportunity to spend time outside in a relaxing and enjoyable way, wondering through parks, woods or along the river enriching our mind experience with little things, which we didn’t have a chance to notice before.

More time to rethink your life

It’s also such a great chance to stop a think about your life. With hard work, your thoughts are perplexed and busy and it is why we sometimes get frustrated without knowing how to start untangling our current feelings. Now we have time to sit, make a list of everything what worries us, and write down what actually makes us happy and just meditate, finding our mindfulness and accepting everything with peace in mind.

Finally, as we approach the end of this challenging year, a Christmas party couldn’t be more welcome, which means preparing your fabulous little dress to encounter your new love or to stun your existing partner.