Would you like to not only lose a few pounds but also get a smaller waist and a flatter stomach? Are you wondering how to achieve a more feminine form and be able to wear stretchy pencil dresses? Are you looking to get toned without putting on muscle?

Many exercises to flatten your stomach aim to build up your muscles and therefore will ultimately make you waist broader, which sometimes might not be your goal.

So, if you've noticed that you have built-up enough muscle and now you are planning to decrease the size of your waist, then the tips below will be useful to you. All you will need is one simple piece of equipment!


The easiest and quickest way to reduce your waist is to use a hula-hoop!  Only 15 minutes of hooping a day will help you to achieve incredible results in just 10 days.

So, how do you choose the right hula-hoop to get the most out of it? If you are a beginner and have never tried it before, then go for a 1 kg weighted foam padded hula-hoop.  Start your first day with a 5-minute workout to see how your body reacts the following day. Don’t worry if your body is slightly sore or painful the next day, you will get used to these sessions in 3-4 days.

Make it a fun activity! You can watch the TV or listen to music while you exercise. Hooping will burn about 100-150 calories depending on which parts of your body are engaged. Hooping also works as an active form of stress relief and can be as powerful as meditation. Additionally, hula hooping balances muscle tone throughout your core.


For even better results complement your hooping with stretching exercises. Additionally, each day that you exercise, try to consume at least 2 litres of water per day and focus on green vegetables and fruits, which will clean your digestive system and help you to achieve a flat stomach. Try to avoid dairy food which in most cases lead to bloating and indigestion.