Are you an incurable lover of chocolate, ice-cream, or other little sweet treats? These little indulgences make our life brighter and happier but only to the point when we go to try on our favourite jeans and realise they no longer fit!

These treats are especially dangerous when we are stressed or depressed; whilst they work wonders helping us recover from a difficult day or getting through emotional times, the reality is that at these times we pay no attention to the amount of these treats we consume, we eat them without appreciating them and make a bad situation worse by putting on more weight.

So, how do we remain rational and get both benefit and pleasure from these sweet treats? Follow our 5 simple rules below and you won’t need to worry about your weight, your body will say a big thank you for taking care if it.

Keep sweet treats even further away when you are under stress! For this occasions have a good stock of low-sugar fruits, berries and vegetables. Make a fruit salad and add as many berries as you like or simply grate carrots, add some dried apricots and linseed seeds, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil, and exterminate your stress! 

Never take carbs in the evenings! Your body will effortlessly digest all calories taken in the first part of a day as you are active and therefore they won’t be converted into fat on your hips. Enjoy a bar of dark chocolate together with your morning coffee or indulge yourself with an ice-cream during a hot sunny lunch break while taking a wander through the park – it will boost happiness hormones rather than the size of your clothing.

Choose high-quality desserts! Don’t try to save money on your health, it’s better to only have a high quality sweet treat occasionally than to constantly consume cheap desserts made of modified ingredients or filled with additives.  Love your body and opt for organic natural desserts and let your mind and body stay in entire harmony.

Sweets are not the only desserts! If you just lust for something sweet it doesn’t mean that you must satisfy this yearnings with a dessert. Diversify your daily ration – try dried fruits and berries or use cocoa powder or grated chocolate to top your fruit salads, breakfasts or simply add it to your smoothies. Experiment and be creative!

Stay active and positive! To keep your weight stable it’s important to follow a simple rule:  You must burn more calories than you consume. So, if you wish to treat yourself with a slice of cheesecake, which normally consists of about 300-350 calories, plan a nice long stroll on the same day or clean the house or have a workout in the bedroom. It’s up to you how you stay on the move, just be active and positive!