We understand how difficult it can be to find the motivation to start a new fitness regime, especially in the dark winter months when it's cold outside and staying in bed is definitely an easier option! During the winter months many of us lack the motivation to cook a healthy meal instead opting for an easy takeaway option.

But don’t worry! Bodyfit are here to give you some extra motivation and provide you with our top 7 motivational hacks that will kickstart your fitness journey.

 So, let’ see what we have.

 1. Create a diary recording all your achievements every day. It’s important to see your progress.

 2.Tell your friends that you are on a journey to get fitter and eat more healthily. Your friends are likely to regularly ask about your achievements which will provide extra motivation

 3. Share your journey on a social media account. By posting regular pictures of your progress not only will you inspire others, but it will also keep you motivated

 4. Arrange a competition! Compete with your friends or partner. Set the target, dates, and duration and use your competitiveness to push yourself harder.

 5. Stick 2 pictures on the fridge - one of yourself and one of someone who inspires you. Every morning, looking at the pictures will remind you to work harder and be strong.

 6. Place your bets! Have a friendly bet with a friend or partner that you can achieve the result you are aiming for. Rather than betting with money, maybe the loser will have to do the washing up for a month. That will provide plenty of motivation!

 7. Buy a new bikini / swimming shorts! Well, that’s really motivational. Put them on and imagine how you would like to look for your next beach holiday.

 Choose any of the above motivational hacks that work for you and stop postponing your new healthy journey. Look around! If others can do it, what is stopping you? Okay, enough talking, let’s do it!