We all know that it is pretty annoying when you work hard to lose weight and then, after a few weeks of relaxation your lost extra kilograms return and make you absolutely mad and miserable. If you want to have a break from the gym or are planning to go on holiday and allow yourself some treats or meals out, then there are some simple rules to follow in order to stay fit, healthy and happy.

1. Take long walks.  

Regardless of your location, age or mood, walking is a universal activity which you can do anywhere at any time! What a wonderful exercise! You can have a walk before your breakfast to enjoy the peaceful morning seaside, while you are on holiday or have a romantic promenade after your dinner or a daytime stroll to find and see new sights.

 2. Go for a dance.

Well, this is a great activity and opportunity to have fun. Just follow your mood, forget about everything that is on your mind and just dance. Burning calories from fun, isn’t that amazing?

 3. Cycle!

Cycling is a great exercise for burning calories. If you are on holiday what could be more enjoyable than cycling along the beach or a coastal path to explore and experience new surroundings. You can stop off and jump in for a swim in the different spots on the beach.

 4. Sweat!

How about a day off at the spa? Sweating in a steam room or sauna will not only clean and detox your body but also burn lots of calories. It will remove all the toxins from your body and give you new energy boost.

 5. Go for a swim!

Even leisure swimming burns over 200 calories in 30 minutes. All you need is a bikini or pair of swimming shorts. Remember, when we were children, most of us enjoyed floating on our backs in a pool or sea in the shape of a star. Have fun and do it again! It brings lots of positive emotions and recalls sweet memories.


So, enjoy your life, do what you like to do and still lose weight! Also, a wide smile and positive thinking always help you to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, they encourage other people to be happy.