English summers are unpredictable – one day it could be extremely hot and sunny and you can grab your bikini and happily chill out on a sun lounger for the whole day; the next day it’s raining, the entire sky is covered with clouds and you are frightened to even get out of bed. Although summers are short, you must try to have fun despite the weather, political situation or your colleagues’ mood.

Well, there is quite a long list of activities that we can do over the summer including a mixture of absolutely crazy ideas on the one side of a scale to an assortment of quite sensible things, but that can still provide a great deal of pleasure.

Let’s choose something peculiar from this list. Obviously, each of us has different ideas or things we wish to come true, some which we have been planning for ages and unfortunately, they have never happened as there is always an excuse to postpone them.

We have selected our 5 must-do things this summer and would like to share it with you:


1)      Wear heels! Well, this might sound quite ordinary for some of us, although for others, occasions requiring proper high-heeled stiletto pumps, happen pretty rarely. Have you ever noticed how your entire posture, way of walking and mood, and needless to say self-confidence, are changed when you wear heels?

2)      Have a home-made sorbet party! Have you ever made sorbet? If so, this will be easier for you, but for those who have not tried it yet this party might be a lot of fun! Invite your friends round, get a variety of berries- raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, sweet fruit such as mango, bananas, and of course dates and watermelon. Then have fun and enjoy mixing different ingredients in a blender, put the puree into small cups and freeze. Be creative and serve your sorbet sprinkled with cinnamon, chocolate chips or nuts.

3)      Create a little garden! How about having some nature on your balcony or window sill? Growing plants can be as relaxing and mind healing as meditation. Get some flowers, which simply suit your mood, aesthetic ideas, or horoscope sign.

4)      Think positively and smile! Some of you might say that this is not an activity worth trying and might sound like something boring and ordinary. Well, we would argue against that and to prove it suggest you try it. It seems quite simple, however in practice few people master positive thinking and smiling naturally for the rest of their lives. Try to practice it and you will notice how absolutely unrealistic things will start occurring in your life. Smile every time when you are sad, upset, aggressive or lost. Smile despite the grey sky, unfulfilled expectations, or lack of luck.

5)      Finally, wake up with the first light of the Sun! Try to wake up before everyone else is awake. Smile to the Sun, put on your trainers, get out of the house, and enjoy the unbelievable silence of the big city in the morning. It is only you and the whole word belongs to you – have a wander for an hour in your nearest park or just among local familiar streets and be the first customer in your favourite coffee shop, then grab a bunch of summery flowers from a shop and say good morning to the whole world! Enjoy your summer!