Today, the entire world is overloaded with items that we’d like but the only problem is we need enough money to buy them all! However, don’t you agree that Valentine’s Day is a special day and should be about love and feelings? So why not making your present bespoke and creative? We have prepared some ideas for you for Valentine’s Day gifts, which can be used as a starting point in order to reveal your imagination and create an unforgettable present or day for your partner.

 1. Create your own heart shaped cards.

Make handmade heart shaped cards, write different love messages on them and hide the cards in different places in your home where your partner will  come across them unexpectedly.

 2. Bespoke pancakes for breakfast.

It might sound a cliché, but you can create an absolutely unique  and personal recipe for your loved one. Try unusual ingredients such as coconut flour, almond milk or milled flaxseeds instead of eggs. Make your homemade jam from berries or Sharon fruit. Bake your pancakes in various shapes and serve them with extra LOVE.

 3. Exclusive Spa Day.

How about organising a spa day at home? All you need is your partner, a bath filled with hot water and bath foam, relaxing bath oils with lavender, peppermint or sage, scented candles, body oils and a selection of detoxifying food and drink.  You can indulge each other with your specially tailored massage treatments and homemade smoothies, while listening to your favorite music.

 4. Create a handmade present!

Be open, thoughtful and brave and make something your partner could not just buy in a shop. Make something personal, for example, it could be an abstract painting or his/her portrait or a pair of knitted socks for winter, or just a beautiful card with your drawings, appliques and love wishes.

 5. Give them all the stars.

Buy a bottle of champagne and luxury chocolates and wait for darkness. Then take your partner and have a stroll or drive to a remote and romantic place. Fill the glasses and enjoy looking at the stars together. If you live in the countryside you can decorate your terrace or garden with candles and have some more interesting options to end your night.