5 Pre-Christmas must-do’s


There is only a week left before this magnificent day called Christmas, when most of us gather together with our families and friends to raise a glass of champagne and enjoy a delicious roast turkey. We all are dashing around buying presents and organizing our perfect Christmas outfits whilst waiting for this magical moment to happen. Well, take a deep breath and check whether you have included our 5 pre- Christmas ‘must-dos’ in your list of things to complete before the big day.


1.Stay healthy and fit

Needless to say, it’s virtually impossible to follow a healthy lifestyle when there are lots of festive parties to enjoy and many beloved friends to catch up with during these pre-Christmas weeks. However, just making a few amends to your daily routine will help you to stay on track. Try replacing high carb fruits with green smoothies, substituting one of your main meals for a lighter option such as a salad or protein smoothie and using coffee based body scrubs and exfoliators, which will help rid your body of excess water and maintain your skin tone.


2. Prepare your mind

It’s not necessary to wait for New Year’s Eve to compose and bring to life your resolutions. Make a list now and start materializing  your thoughts today. It’s worth remembering, not to make your list too long, keeping it simple is key! Write down 3 of your main intentions and below each of them add 3 ideas, which will help you achieve them. For example, learning a new language could be your main intention, while taking a course, allocating 4 extra hours per week for home learning and joining a language club would be how you plan to make it happen.


3. Develop your creativity

Christmas is a good opportunity to use and develop your creativity and alter your routine. Go and get new Christmas tree decorations, create a new design for your Christmas tree every year; make it special. Don’t forget to buy candles and maybe experiment with new cushions for your sofa. You can go even further and purchase new Champagne glasses or a cutlery set.


4. Buy yourself a Christmas present

You are preparing a great deal of presents for others, but what about yourself? Treat yourself – you deserve it. Be generous and choose your most dreamable present to make yourself happy and then your happiness will spread throughout the entire world.


5. Try something unexplored

To make your pre-Christmas time special and unforgettable you must try something absolutely new. For example, it could be a ballet performance, ice-skating or a drop-in tango class. Choose something suitable for you, something you have always dreamt of trying, but never had the time, and most importantly, remember to enjoy!



Merry Christmas x