It’s autumn and it’s getting colder and more miserable every day, but we need to tolerate this weather for another 4 months. Due to the current situation, we have less and less chances everyday to go out, socialise and have our usual life. It sounds quite depressing, doesn’t it?  So, how do you find the energy, inspiration and motivation to stay fit, mentally balanced and to do things?

The answer is to start your day RIGHT! Our mornings are the biggest influence on the rest of our day. If we receive some bad news, get stressed or anxious in the morning then the initial morning emotions impact our thoughts, which we carry with us the whole day long. Sometimes, we even convey them in bed and as a result we might suffer from insomnia and sleepless nights.

So, we are going to concentrate on how to make our morning routines motivational and boosting so let’s us introduce 5 simple practices.

  1. When you get up, open your curtains and regardless of the weather outside appreciate a new day and say a wish. With that, you are saying thank you to the Universe and revealing your wishes, which you want to fulfill. And don’t forget to attach a smile!
  2. Have a glass of warm water to hydrate your body, which will help it wake up smoothly.
  3.  Stretch your body! It’s vital to be gentle with your body and prepare it for an active day after many hours of being motionless. Stretches such as Cat & Cow, Downward Dog, Child’s Pose and Plank are perfect to relax your stiff body and improve energy levels.
  4.  Introduce a 5 minute meditation. Sit in an easy pose with your legs crossed and focus on your ‘third eye’. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and just relax.
  5. Read one motivational quote every morning and try to hold that phrase in your mind for the rest of the day.

All the above activities won’t take you more than 15 minutes, but by creating these habits you will discover that you become happier and more positive, and therefore more motivated and productive.

Finally, remember when you feel low just put your favourite song on and sing! Singing is one of the powerful techniques of art therapy. Relax and let your body move!